European Gender Budgeting Network

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The Watch Group. Gender and Public Finance, a civil society group working on Gender Budgeting in Austria, organized a networking event for European Gender Budgeting initiatives in Vienna, February 5 - 7, 2006, where the European Gender Budgeting Network was formally constituted.

The focus of this event was on outside government initiatives, both from civil society and academics, with the aim to strengthen networking and exchange of experience, and to take advantage of the Austrian EU Presidency and lobby for integration of Gender Budgeting within the EU.

Gender Budgeting initiatives throughout Europe were presented, having a chance to get an update on what is happening on Gender Budgeting throughout Europe.

We discussed about strategies to integrate Gender Budgeting in mainstream public finance throughout Europe-focussing on Gender Budgeting as a tool to increase democratization and participation-, to carry forward our networking throughout Europe and to implement Gender Budgeting as an integral part of budgetary policies.

We also elaborated a petition to European heads of state and governments (as well as to the European Commission) as part of the lobbying activities around the event.

After this first seminal event, we want to keep the network by developing a website where information can be gathered, get funding to hold an annual meeting within the EU and develop common projects on Gender Budgeting.

This is the network´s manifiesto.
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This webpage, the online version of European Gender Budgeting Network , is planned, written, edited, designed, and produced by members of this organization.